Making progress... slowly!

DH is under the weather today with a cold ( and all that that entails!) Do NOT get me wrong! I feel VERY sorry for him! He's soo uncomfortable. Anyway, as he wanted to take to his bed, I took to the diningroom table, paints and brushes in hand and had a BLAST!!!

I worked on an actual small "painting", although sadly, the National Gallery has not called me yet! I tried a fun technique, espoused by many contemporary watercolourists-
It involves laying down a very wet wash of colour(s) and then scrumpling plastic food wrap artistically over the top of it and letting it dry completely before removing it,
It is a fun, effective and interesting thing to do, NOT to be overused but very useful, especially once you get clever with your scrumpling! This is not too bad. Here's a closeup for you...
Cool, eh??
 And when it dries...
It dries quite pale because the paintress lacks "testicular ferocity" as her Darling Daughter would say! ( she had to develop that when working on mostly male crews of salvage archaeologists) Watercolour dries MUCH lighter than it looks when it is wet. I KNOW that!! I am just not brave enough to play fast and loose with my paints just yet! BTW, the white patches were left dry and so, no paint migrated into those spaces. They are reserved for later!
And here's what I was aiming for. Could be LOTS better but  on the  whole, I am fairly pleased with the result.
And once I reached this stage, I was able to make my little picture of a pot of primula-recently purchased. This could STILL benefit from some more intense colour but I think I shall quit while I am ahead with it!

AND, I went crazy and did this little exercise from my "Paint Yourself Calm" book by Jean Haines! FUN, but NOT relaxing just yet!!
Dandelions in the grass in the sunshine! Kind of a cheering image and a fun exercise on a snowy day!
Fortunately, the sun came out HERE later today and melted the snow. YAY!!! Hope you enjoy this post! I had fun painting.

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  1. That looks like fun! I also wonder if other (recycled) plastic would work as well -- like those thin little bags you put veggies in at the supermarket. I guess I'll have to try it to find out! Meanwhile, keep it up -- you're becoming a "looser" woman every day! ;-)