More new colours and a wee Seascape

Westport is South of Belochantuy  on the Atlantic Coast of Argyll.This is looking farther south toward Machrihanish from Westport on a misty, moisty afternoon!
 A few years ago when we were in Kintyre, I shot a lot of pics of the lower peninsula shrouded in mist across a very placid sea with dry dune grasses in the foreground. The wind was NOT blowing much that day but it clearly HAD! I love this view. When I shot it, I thought the farthest point we could see might have been the Mull, but when I studied the map more carefully, I saw that the Mull is completely hidden from view here.

When the light is better tomorrow, I'll finish this. It still has the greeny gray masking fluid on it. This was a fun little piece to try!

                                                    ...... ANDDD....

I bought two- well THREE new colours today but one is boring old Raw Umber . The TWO are ..

1- Perylene Maroon
Look how gorgeous it is! It is a stainer, not a granulator, works nicely with salt (look carefully) , and waters down stunningly! Going to be a real winner! 
2- Moonglow-

Closeup of the granulation

Granulation and watered down
This is a MAJOR STAR!!! It granulates to a HUGE degree. As Daniel Smith says- Anthraquinoid red floats, Ultramarine spreads and mixes and Vermilion greys the resulting purples. Look carefully. You can see red, blue , green and the purple mix. It is going to be a real workhorse colour. If I was a people painter, I'd REALLY use it on skin- shadows, hair etc. I think as a background colour too it will be gorgeous. BTW, both of the colour tests are on Hot Press paper, 140 lb. I don't really like the feel of hot press! I am a gritty, rough sort of girl, I guess!

Well, guess that's me done for today. My comp is almost out of battery power too so gotta plug in. Sweet dreams, One and ALL!


  1. I love your seascape Carolynn and the new colours are wonderful. I love having new colours to "play" with... !

  2. Thanks a lot, Evelyn. I have not done any landscapes for over forty years! i love new colours too. We will soon be visiting our daughter in Tennessee . I ordered, and had delivered to her- an Isabey Size 8 squirrel hair wash brush and THREE DS paints- Lavender, Rich Green Gold and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine!! Cant wait to see my babes AND my new paint and brush! babes win out iver art supplies though 💕❣️❤️

  3. I have the DS Rich Green Gold - it's a gorgeous shade, perfect for landscapes/seascapes. The DS Lavender and also DS Lapis Lazuli are on my "to buy" list! Enjoy your new colours and brushes...

    1. Thanks Evelyn. I am sure I shall! I am afraid that I may go BROKE with this little passion!!!!