"Stare and Tweak Judiciously" stage ;-)

Calla 1
This is just a quick post. I have been working on this little picture this weekend and have decided that it is ALMOST done, for better or for worse! Now is the time to stick it up somewhere where it is "in my face" so that every time I pass by it, it speaks- or SHRIEKS at me. Then, I tweak carefully and eventually, HOPE that it works out decently !

I have a whole file of closeup and macro photos I shot of this little plant last year and maybe I'll try a couple more for fun! The lines are gorgeous and the colours are lovely. Good exercise for colour mixing, drawing, painting technique and just generally- having a good time.

Happy Sunday- what's left of it! Hope our lady curlers can pull this one out of the bag! They won the whole round robin but DH thinks they will blow the gold medal game. Hope not as they have a perfect record but- it IS only a game!


  1. Nice flow of the lines - Lovely that you are painting.

    1. Just trying again to say thanks Anneliese! I am really enjoying painting!

  2. Looks lovely Carolynn - great colours, lines and details...