In danger of damaging my reputation!!!!

This is getting scary! I am having sooo much fun! I've been working through Jean Haines' 'Paint Yourself Calm', a lovely, inspiring book. It is a great, fun, educational and therapeutic read and FULL of interesting exercises to teach techniques AND relaxation and enjoyment. Check your local library!!! AND, I am ALMOST to the stage of calling myself a bona fide Loose Woman!

I have been through a lot of the soft , relaxing colour exercises already and today- it was RED's turn! NO drawing, NO real plan, just paint- and WATER!!!

This is about 8" square and I started with loose, runny reds and oranges, painting outwards with very wet paint. The very centre is dry at first- no paint, no water. The colours run into each other , of course, and in the end, they suggest petals. THEN, deep blues go into the centre where there was no wetness. As soon and the wet blue meets the wet red..
The colour just travels! You can tip and twist and turn to direct the colour somewhat but NO actual painting at this stage.
You just let the colour and the clean water do its thing! It is SO interesting to watch. I knew about this long ago, of course, but I guess I just never studied the effects this closely. It is WONDERFULLY exciting and endlessly fascinating to observe!
Once this "piece" was dry, I moved on to the next exercise- to make a small "painting" of a few poppies, Just the reds, oranges and blues - and again, no messing. Just let it move and paint itself. This is about 8" X 15". If I keep it, I'll likely prune it down a bit!
Parts, I like and other parts, not so much!
If I tried this again, and I likely shall with some of our own poppies , I WOULD introduce some grey green or blue-ish for the stems.
These three are just closeups down the page so you can see the lovely softening effects of water and the paint into paint effects. 

These are the top two.

I really like these two blooms. They are the bottom pair.
I learned a lot about which reds move nicely and which blues make cool patterns as they run into various reds. The colours used here are Cadmium red, Quinacridone Red, and Alizarin Crimson with a bit of Cadmium Orange ( I need a better orange!). The blues are Indigo, Cobalt and French Ultramarine.

Once these were done and dry, I went on to the next exercise and I'll show you the start. It is still wet. Not sure how much I like it or how it will turn out. It is golds like a sunflower with paints squeezed directly onto the paper for the centre of the flower, and LOTS of water again!! Takes FOREVER to dry!!
Perhaps you get the gist?? I am not TOO sure about the purple taking over the centre but I shall reserve judgement. There are also crystals of Rock Salt on the centre. I have not seem a LOT of difference by using salt, but- again, I reserve judgement. Just following instructions.
This is the way I cook too! I read and use a recipe ONCE, as is and then, do it again MY way. sometimes ya win, sommetimes-.... ya know??? So, it is ever onward and upward. DH has been sick all week so I have had a few quiet moments to myself to pursue this painting madness. I am REALLY enjoying it! Could you guess ?? ;-)


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    1. Thanks Margaret! I appreciate that! It is getting to be fun now ! Still lots to do, lots to learn and to relearn.