Lotsa Colour, LOTSA FUNN!

I set up my pallette in a new empty paintbox with removable pans. I have added two new greens, am awaiting a new purple and will add three more colours when I see DD! She has them, ordered online from Dick Blick along with a LOVELY Isabey Squirrel hair Mop Brush! YUMMMEEE!

This is a little exercise -wet in wet. It is soooo much fun watching the colours run into the water, with all of the abandon of kids in a sprinkler in the summer. The great trick is to get it running HOW and WHERE you want it- bit like herding cats!!
 And this is another small exercise intended to show that you do not need to paint the WHOLE subject and that you can paint the NEGATIVE space, instead of the positive. The white "petals" at the top are an example of negative painting and the purple petals, positive.

I did a wee bit of more "serious" painting this week- but forgot about SCALE!!!! OOPS! So... I ended up with some "mutant Primulas". NO laughing!! Some parts of this are OK I think/ I used some new materials- Granulation Medium, Masking fluid and Acrylic ink- some successful, some NOT so much!

Look how gigantic they seem compared to the little tree trunk! As I said, Oops!

Spring is coming- very slowly and it is still CColddd! Tonight, the temps are forecast to drop to -10c with a wind chill of -15c. Wonder if this little beauty will survive that! Likely. They are VERY early and VERY hardy!
Look at the colour of those petals! Stunning, eh!

I also tried painting a poppy from photos I took in the summer garden a couple of years ago. This really was fun!
Here's the start.

And here, it is close to finished. Again, parts please me, parts do not. However, I AM gaining confidence and enjoying the whole process IMMENSELY.

I think that's all for now. I am currently working on a small "Georgia O'Keefe" looking Calla lily Macro I shot last winter. It is fun, curvy and sensual. I'll save it for next time. Maybe I'll do a little series of Macro parts of various flowers? We'll see. These are NOT very loose but I'm getting back into the swing and that's the main thing. I'll loosen up eventually!

I hope YOU are all well and surviving the cold. Do take care and thanks for looking in on my blog!


  1. I love the anemone and poppy paintings - they're wonderful! I like your paintbox too...

    1. Thanks very much again, Evelyn! We FINALLY have a wee bit of spring weather here today. How about you? Is your snow gone? They forecast SNOW flurries for Easter Sunday!!!