Spring Fever

LOVE this little Daffodil! No, sadly NOT from the garden, but the garden centres all have daffs, tulips- SPRING!! I am shooting masses of pics so that once these are gone, I can draw and paint them. I am having SOO much fun - but in fits and starts. Can't seem to get six minutes in a row between housework and medical appointments. Never mind, as and when is good!

Big full sized white daffs with ruffly yellow centres.  When I am finished with them , and they with me, I'll put them out in the garden to enjoy again.

 I just got carried away with abstracting this one. It IS out of focus, but I meant it like that. All I want is the "essence"!

And here, the focus is on the "ruffle" so I can see it to draw it. 

SUCH a pretty bloom. This will be lovely in the garden eventually.

Did I ever say how much I love the back sides of flowers? Well, if not, I DO!!! Look how cool this is!
I have not really started playing with these yet with pencil and paint but I shall- SOON! I did do a couple of quick painting exercises from my book the other day- semi successfully. Parts of these, I like. Other parts are just silly but it is all enjoyable. I have ordered a tube of Schminke Transparent Orange paint and have HIGH hopes that it is as stellar as it is reputed to be. Stay tuned!!
A little transparent sketch on a piece of partly used paper. PARTS of this, I really like!

Parts of this, I am pleased about! The orange cup came out pretty well but the petals are a MESS! Never mind, Rome wasn't built, and all that!!!

It will not let me zap this shot of the whole exercise. Sorry! I shot it on my phone and it is BAD AND upside down. No prob! Turning it around will NOT make it a masterpiece!!!
So, you see, kind folk, I am not without projects. I AM, however, without time so if anyone has any extra, please let me be the first to know. Happy creating, everyone!!

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  1. I think the paintings are lovely, experiments or not. I noticed that book once. I must look into it.