New Colours, New Techniques, New Work- Same old Me!!

I have been a busy little beaver! The house is a mess but I am making SOME progress with the watercolour venture. The most recent production is this experimental, imaginary "landscape" intended to try out some new techniques! Sadly, this paper is THE PITS and some of the things I tried did not work so well. I tried using Granulation Medium and Acrylic Ink! ( I have a NEW book that I love as much as I love Jean Haines' books! It is Experimental Landscapes In Watercolour by Ann Blockley.)

Ms Haines SAID we'd get addicted to roses. I AM.
This one is based loosely on a rose painted by Ann Blockley. I tried it and tried some of her textural effects! YUMMMEE! I want to get better at THIS! Imagine if Jean Haines and Ann Blockley got married!

And these two are pure Jean Haines- My own designs, but Jean's technique.

New paint colours- Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Schminke Translucent Orange and Opera Pink. Sorry about the overlap and the pin!!
And I tried some Pink Carnations-
I have a HUGE bouquet of these. Many more are open now so I may have a few more goes.
And Daisies in a drizzle that JH calls the "Seaweed Effect"...
It was fun working with and around the drips and drizzles of the  wash colours.
One more tiny, fanciful "landscape"...
I want to see sunshine, flowers and pretty skies like this SOON!!!
And I was messing about with one of my High Key photos of a single Hydrangea floret- with my Inktense Watercolour Pencils. 

A few new EXCITING Daniel Smith colours to play with. Look at the "conversation" going on in the lower right corner!!! 
And, a VERY silly, experimental "landscape" where I first tried out the Granulation Medium and the Acrylic ink! SOOO many possibilities here!
LOVING the Granulation and the feathery spreading of the ink when it is spritzed with water. I'll get a better piece of paper and show you what the Gran Med does to the ink too! SPECTACULAR!
Well, Folkses, you are FAR more patient than I if you have gotten to here so I shall bid you farewell for the mo and thank you for checking in. Happy Easter if I don't post anything new before.


  1. Beautiful watercolour work Carolynn - I love the roses, they're beautiful. I love the new DS colours too - very lovely. I'm glad you're having so much fun with your watercolour painting!

    1. Thanks so much Evelyn. One day soon, I hope, I'll get serious. Meanwhile, still making friends with LOOSE!

  2. This new direction you are experimenting with is fascinating. Luv it!

  3. Hi elle! Thanks! I am a crazy woman, I know but I DO have fun! Got any spring yet? It's pretty slow here!