Very brief post

I am in a hurry tonight but thought I would post this. I have had the photo I worked from for a couple of years and always wanted to do something with it. Anyway, here is a quick, kind of ham fisted effort from this afternoon! I have had the first wash done for ages and today, realized that it is too sunny but I used it anyway. This was interesting to work on and I learned a LOT that I would do differently another time! Guess THAT is worthwhile!!
It WAS spitting snow- just a streamer off Lake Huron, but funny with a fairly bright sky. I must needs work on my spattering technique. This is pretty erratic! Anyway, there ya go! First snow on the Sumac!


  1. It's lovely Carolynn and if you've learnt positive lessons from it, then that's even better...

  2. Thanks so much Evelyn! I did this is widely spaced fits and starts! NOT a sensible plan at all. Anyway, it was a good learning experience and , as I really love sumac, I am pretty sure I'll try another some time.