The Mailman came!!

A few weeks ago, I ordered a tube of paint from I was warned that it could take a while to come and YESTERDAY, it ARRIVED!!! It is a tiny tube of Schminke watercolour paint, Translucent Orange, HIGHLY recommended by Jean Haines. OH! MY!!! I shall never doubt Ms Haines' judgement again!!! It is a stunning colour. Absolutely glorious. As well, I bought a tube of Daniel Smith Quinacridone Burnt Orange yesterday too and IT is also beautiful. This little photo does neither full justice, but perhaps you get the idea.
On the left is the Translucent Orange and on the right, the Burnt Orange. They actually  water out even more than I have shown here and yet both still make a clear statement! 

I am not even a huge fan of orange, per se but these are two VERY useful and beautiful colours. I have always used Winsor and Newton paints and they are excellent, no complaints at all, but I am really becoming sold on Daniel Smith! The pigment seems VERY finely ground and REALLY packs a punch!

So, what have I done with it to test it out? Well....
This is a very Jean Haines style but my own composition. Still, I would not sign MY name to it as it is VERY Jean-y! I am finding Jean's books are a wonderful way to learn and to hone this very loose technique. Wonder if I could incorporate this degree of looseness to my quilts???
And, still on a rose kick...
This one I did yesterday and I employed both of the new colours!! Yummeee!!!

This one was from the day before yesterday. Still a bit overworked and stiff. Not bad though!! 
Well, I AM getting DH's bug and I feel REALLY pretty crummy so this is a short post.We are supposed to be getting snow but the bit we've had just made everything wet and drippy. Mostly just rain as it is above freezing. I am going to close my eyes for a bit now and try to feel better. Hope YOU are all well!


  1. The Schminke Translucent orange looks lovely and I love your roses - they are beautiful

    1. Thanks so much Evelyn. Yes! Ms Haines was right about hat orange! It REALLY sings- OPERA!!!! Try it! You'll like it!m