.... and-- we're going loose again!

This is soo much fun! I have been in a "blue" mood today so did a little VERY nervous, busy little Scilla piece and a more relaxed one of some nondescript blue-ish, purple-ish "flowers". NO idea what the second ones are but there are parts of it that I am fairly pleased with. The Scillas are just too wiggly, messy and tight! Judge for yoursen!

Your guess is as good as mine??? I kind of like this though. It IS getting more to what I am looking for. There are still  a couple of colours I am waiting for that I think will be really fun to work with .

Closeup of a part of the the nameless floral !!

And the tight, nervous, messy Scilla siberica. Maybe I'll try a long shot of them later on. We have sooo many in our front lawn and DH gets TICKED with me for allowing them to roam so freely. They are stunning though so I may try. Stay tuned!
I hope you are all well and happy today. I am VERY happy! We have had a WHOLE day of badly needed rain. It was only drizzle but every drip/drop helps. The soil surface is damp!! We're going to have crocus by the weekend! Watch for them at this blog next week!! Meanwhile, Happy Creating to all!


  1. A lovely loose splash of spring in watercolour Carolynn...

    1. Thanks very much Evelyn! I am kind of bopping back and forth between loose and not so loose! We'll see where I come down. I HOPE it is loose!!