Big Talk!!? Hope it's more than that :-)

Hello, All! Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you are all well and recovered from the festivities?

I have made a momentous decision today! I am starting a NEW QUILT! I LOVE Beech trees and I LOVE this shot, one of a series I did a little while ago. I have made my cartoon and I took it to the printer's today to have it enlarged. It will be about 24" along the long side, so not huge! Nice size to start back into it again.

This will require some fresh, bespoke dyeing as my stash is getting ratty and sparse. So... got my dye book out to choose colours.

Unfortunately, The colours here, especially the dye colours are not perfect but they work for me to choose what I want to use. BTW, the loose pile at the bottom of the page is just that- loose swatches not yet glued in and labelled! Please disregard.

I am excited to get back into a creative life again. Hope my hands, eyes, back etc all stand up to the new strains. I expect that I shall be working more slowly than before and not making as many pieces in a year as I did in years gone by. I'll be 75 a week from Sunday and , you know what they say about the Old Grey Mare??? Well, I'm OLD AND Grey!

So, I hope I am not talking through my hat! I HOPE I can do this and I am determined that I SHALL do it! Enjoy your week everyone . Take care and - Be Creative!!

I HOPE I remember how to link to It has been SOO long. I have missed everyone and hope to reconnect! 


  1. So good to know you're back in the studio! I seem to remember when you first shared those photos, and how lovely they were -- and are. I wish you stamina and delight as you go forward with this piece!

  2. It is a gorgeous photo! I can't wait to see the quilt!

  3. What a fabulous photo! Looking forward to seeing your art quilt.