A little blast from the past- the DISTANT past!

In light of my recent decision to play with my watercolours again, but to change to a more relaxed style, I thought I'd show you a few of my Botanicals done on our summer travels. I drew from life , lightly with pencil, inked with India Ink and a Crow Quill Mapping pen, and then painted. They were generally done in a day because next day, we were somewhere else.

Corn Poppies fron Kent, UK

All white bouquet painted from somewhere near home

I believe this is Anemone Nemorosa,but I'll check
to be sure.

Gathered and painted at Corral Creek, AB. (near Lake Louise)

Near Port l'Hébert, NS

Millbank SD

Up the mountains near Berchtesgaden Germany

Gathered and painted along the Pilgrims Way, Kent UK

From Beaver Harbour NS

Banff, AB

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Lunenburg NS

Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland

Boughton Aluph, Kent
I hope you enjoy these! I certainly enjoyed doing them, despite my family's frustration ;-) If you have any questions, fire away!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. You really have talent:)

    1. Thanks so much Mary Ann. I really appreciate your comment!

  2. Hi !
    I absolutely adore your botanicals ... wow !! So much talent !
    Thanks for your last note ... you spurred me forward and I think I am back into my blog ... yahoo !!
    ps. I happen to like the new look of your blog and I'm sure you'll get used to it ... you may get a similar look back as it is fairly easy to 're-do' colours/fonts/styles/etc.
    Wonderful work going on !

  3. Your watercolour sketches are superb Carolynn - very lovely detailed drawings and beautifully painted....