Here is what comes of being all fired up impatient, unprepared, out of practice, tired, shaky - I could go on!!! I need to start back at the beginning and work out a colour chart. 25-30 years is a LONG time to remember the fine details. Turns out, in THIS case, that this is NOT like riding a bike!

This is NOT my best effort! To boot, the paint was still wet when I photographed this so it is warbly. I am NOT best pleased. Too much overwork. I SHOULD have remembered- make a decision , lay the colour in and LEAVE IT ALONE! Ah, well, Ms Haines says that we are "painting for the bin"! Never were truer words spoken. Anyway, I HAVE learned some things. Still DYING to get on with it but MUST slow down and redevelop skills first. I have to say though that having a brush in my hands again after so long away DOES feel great! Bear with me, Kind Folk.

In closing, I will NOT be doing architectural subjects again any time soon. My hands are just too jittery! That can work to one's advantage in botanical subjects :-) Come on, Spring!!

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  1. As long as you've learnt something positive from the exercise it's been worthwhile! "Leaving it alone" is very hard isn't it - I've struggled with this but I'm making progress! I'm glad you're enjoying picking up a brush again and I'm sure your skills will return with a little more practice Carolynn....