Not very arty but GORGEOUS, nonetheless!

It is almost Happy New Year. I hope, and trust that you are all well and surviving the ccolddd! Look who came to visit us this morning and DEVOURED the leaves on the lower branches of a big euonymus in the garden!!!! How could you be cross at a face like THIS ???
Small and young and , apparently- HUNGRY!!

Ever watchful, he/she spied the bird feeder!

Took a minute for him to investigate more closely...

...but there WERE a few seeds on the ground under it!

And then, he tackled the remaining , wizened leaves on the Sedums.

We have a huge Euonymus growing up a trellis at the front edge of the deck to protect us and the sitting room from the summer sun and heat. Apparently, euonymus is a deer delicacy! Hosta in the summer. Euonymus in winter! You can't really be upset! They are soo lovely and, all God's creatures.

It is bitter cold here today. I've been trying to photograph frozen soap bubbles- unsuccessfully to date. Can't QUITE get a plan of attack. I think I'd need a well trained crew! They are STUNNING if you can catch one (the  bubbles, that is). If you doubt me, google "Photos of frozen soap bubbles " and prepare to be amazed!!!

As soon as New Years is over, I am going to clean up Christmas, buy myself some daffodils or tulips- AND THEN START A SMALL NEW QUILT!! You heard it first HERE!! Happy New Year, one and all!

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