Galloping right along!!!

Layered at last!! I am all ready to quilt now. BUT, WILL I start to quilt right away?? I think perhaps NOT! I have not done a lot of serious quilting for some time and I am RUSTY, so I shall sandwich up some junk fabric and batting and PRACTICE! I DO think that would be prudent.
You can't see the far right hand end but I have put a couple of wee twigs in to sort of "tie" this to something. Otherwise, it seemed floaty and disembodied. There WAS a little branch just barely visible in the photo but I have used a wee bit of artistic licence. Hope it is successful in the end!
So, now to choose thread colours and to decide HOW I want to quilt this. I am VERY into intense quilting of backgrounds . I like the way that makes the subject the centre of attention. Stay tuned :-)

And now for a blast from the VERY DISTANT past! 
Here am I in perhaps February or early March of 1952, JUST turned nine and recovering from a very serious bout of viral pneumonia. I got sick and was hospitalized in late 1951, just before Christmas and while I was in there, Mum and Dad, my Granny Morris and new baby sister all moved to a new house in Burlington. EVERYTHING changed! Look at the DANDY haircut!! I entered hospital with two long, fat braids and NO BANGS but the nurses had too much trouble handling all that hair- SO THEY CUT IT SHORT!!!!Can you imagine the furor today???

Anyway, I am posting this to show that what appears as a sudden interest in painting, is- in fact- a long standing passion. I stopped painting several years ago and gave DD all of my paints etc. She has made splendid use of them and now, with rekindled passion, I have been purchasing paints, brushes and soon- decent Watercolour paper. This is just a wee warning that Rtquilter may soon appear to be Rtpainter? We'll see. Maybe it is NOT like riding a bicycle! Maybe I have lost my abilities. I am surely game to try anyway!!

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  1. Morning. Our lives seem to run along the same lines. I was first a painter than a potter and now a art quilter. I have a new quilt ready to quilt and find myself having to practice first. Just keep being creative. Live in the moment.