Good progress!!!

Yay! I am getting on like a house on fire! I have worked HARD all day long and here is the result!

Here is where I started out early this morning. We had a few more inches of wet, heavy snow overnight so we decided not to do our regular Monday shop.We'll go tomorrow instead. This gave me a WHOLE day to work on this. I believe, in truth, that the centre single leaf with the two patches of shadow was done mid morning.

By suppertime tonight, here's where I stopped! ONE more leaf to go. Then, I have bits of the branch and five or six shiny, rusty red, pointy buds to make. At that point, the branch will be done except for the odd wee tweak.

THEN, I have to play with background colours. If you look at the original photo, there is lovely bokeh and light. I am playing in my head with how to give this impression on a piece of dyed cotton. I am still toying with painting the dye on as I did for my Poppies Aglow I and II.

I SHALL finish up the last leaf tonight. Looking forward to doing it. It is a pretty leaf! Stay tuned Folkses! I may finish the branch tomorrow . If it turns out nicely, I will submit it to Fibre Content for their consideration and see if they like it. Now, though, I bid you adieu and retire to the diningroom table to build one more leaf!!


  1. What a gift of 'seeing' you have -- and expressing what you see! Wow!

  2. Loving it.
    I started a new quilt even making fabric for it.
    Keep on going