THOUGHT the leaves were done!

... but I shot pics of them as I went along looking to see how the colours work together - or not , and found the LAST leaf NOT to be right, according to my old eyes.

Actually, here, the last leaf does not look TOO bad but it is NOT what I wanted- so THREE iterations later.....
I have a new one that I like better.

The colours do not look vastly different here but , BELIEVE me, they are. Soooo....

This is the version of THAT leaf I will keep and use but now, I do NOT like that purple patch in the top centre leaf, so it is OUTTA here ASAP as is that pinky highlight on the top right leaf. In the end, it DOES pay to be picky! I am suffering from NOT making dedicated fabrics  in the first place. I am working with my ratty stash, mostly successfully but not always. Bear with me please and I will repost later when I have made my little branch and some fat, pointy, shiny buds.

Off to rid the leaves of unwanted patches of "what was I thinking" colours!!

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