First exercise- and, BOY!! do I need it!

I started the other day just messing with paint, water, brushes, paper but today- I took the plunge and tried the first exercise on using brushes effectively. I have never had issues with making a brush do what I want it to and I am pretty good at colour- but I have always been a nittery frittery painter- lots of detail, lots of pencil sketches and a careful drawing to work from. So... starting out in midair with NO guidelines was scary to say the least---and having little or NO detail in the final product....!!!!! Anyway, I have done Exercise 1, semi successfully - but at least it is a start. NO LAUGHING!!!
It is, in case you can't see it, a red brick arched bridge with trees on either side.  My bridge is not in the right proportion but I am at least pleased to have gotten my brushes to do what I want and enjoyed puddling about in the water !

The next exercise is on control- of brush, pigment and water. It is much simpler and then, we go on to a lovely old Venetian door. I'm excited to try that. I do not generally agree with copying but in this case, it is an excellent way ( and tried and true from the method of instruction used in the Old Days) to teach and to learn. Besides, I am NOT saying these are my original ideas. In fact, eventually, I will mark them as Ex,1,2,3 etc and NOT sign them. This is a Photo of the piece and the "signature" is merely the copyright that I use on my photos. There is no signature on the "painting"! 

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  1. Well done Carolynn - I think you accomplished the first exercise really well. As you say the exercises in the book are a great way of learning new techniques, it's not copying. Jean's way of painting is very liberating - I love the exercises in her book. Looking forward to what you do next....