Well,I've done it now!!

In a fit of ???- who knows what, I decided I'd try to update the look of my blog! I am sooooo upset! EVERYTHING I had before is GONE and even the magical folks at Apple can't help me :-( I guess THIS is what we're stuck with unless anyone out there in the Blogosphere knows how to restore my original???? I have been sick all weekend and should NEVER have tried to tackle this today.
This is an old quilt but I needed to give you summat to look at!
Dunno if I can do anything else. Maybe I need to round up a couple of ten year olds! They know everything. Anyway, please forgive the confusion folks. Hope to hear from you soon.

1 comment:

  1. I think your new blog look is lovely - it's light and fresh and I can see all your posts still, you haven't lost those. I'm afraid I can't help you get it back to how it was - but for the record I think it looks really good....