Two days in a row!! Are ya sitting down!!??

Well, I pulled the boxes of Hand Dyes up and sorted through them. I came up with a number of possibilities for LEAF colours but I am PRETTY sure the background will be a bespoke piece as I have nothing suitable, big enough to do the job.

So here is what I saved out. The light is hard so the colours look a bit wishy washy. They are not- not in reality!

Look at the dust!! Pray for me over the next few weeks!
I may have to do some more dyeing but will try to get started with some of these bits. I think I may number the leaves and do them one at a time and then reassemble them on a twig.  We'll see. Right now though, I THINK- it is cuppa time! 


  1. Thanks so much Holly! I am underway. I've cut two of 15 leVes but I'm soo rusty! Wish me luck!!

  2. Love the color combination.
    So glad you are back.
    You help charge my batteries.

  3. Wow! Great colours. I like the idea of your doing the leaves one by one, too.