Life's a Beech!

Started quilting the Beech leaves. Now I am in a quandary! This is a horrid picture stuck on my design board and full of pins but just intended to remind you. The quandary involves those golden "sun spots" top left and far right. Here's what I am doing at the moment....
Quilting this background called for an interesting thread colour- a purply brown, as that's what the colours are in this hand dyed background piece.

I have done my background quilting around most of the leaves where the background is dark.
NOW.....!!!!! I am ready to start thinking of how to quilt those "sunny " patches. Here they are...
This is the top left one and...

This is the far right bit, behind the leaves. 
The problem is this. Do I do it all in this deep purple brown thread with the curved lines I have used behind the leaves, keep the same pattern and change thread colour to a goldy-er thread colour or- do I change thread colour AND pattern, maybe a small stipple??? I am truly buffaloed. Now I wish I had made a different background piece.  What do YOU think? All suggestions gratefully accepted.


Maybe as it is Wednesday, I'll post this over to the There are LOTS of creative minds over there. Have a look!!


  1. Always LOVE to see your amazing work up-close !!!
    Thanks ! :-)

  2. sorry, forgot, might be good to keep the darker colour in the yellow (in a slightly wider pattern ?)
    You'll "know" in the end what is best !

    1. Thanks for this Els and thanks for your vote of confidence 👏🏻👏🏻

  3. I love what you've done so far! My first instinct is to say use the same thread colour on the lighter sections. But if you're not sure, perhaps it's time to do some testing. Do you have more of the lighter background fabric to experiment with?

    1. Thanks so much Terry. Yeah, I want enough of the gold to set off the dark leaves but not enough to make it a second centre of interest. I'll likely go with the same colour or maybe a deepish brown. I do have a bit more fabric but, as it is a hand dye, the colours are slightly different at that end of the piece and it is so small it doesn't really show. Anyway, stay tuned an dthanks for your input!

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