Trip to Tennessee

Hello. I am Angus and YOU are NOT !

Skulls on the porch
Anyone able to ID these blue berries?

More evidence of Crazy Archaeologists

Curly grasses

Fluffy seedheads
Remains of Ironweed - several feet tall !

Lovely red leaves

Skeletal remains

Southern Gentleman, Fred( Astair, if you please!) at his leisure on the front porch

Still life with pumpkins

Texture and barn wall
Berberis at Jellico TN

Icy Berberis at Jellico rest stop

Frozen roses
Frosted evergreen

Winter Euphorbia in Katherine's garden

Merru Christmas 2011 from Tennessee


  1. Some really inspiring nature pictures.

    Read your blogger profile and we share some commonalities as I'm a relatively solitary soul, too. I find I must have quiet time especially after a few days out in the noise and chatter of the world.

    Looking forward to seeing your Inchie Monday contributions.

    Happy New Year, Madeline

  2. Again a wonderful post with inspiring photos.

  3. Still fairly snowless here too. Thanks for linking! I love to see more fibre art at TN&TN! Your work is very earthy and rich. : )

    You may think this is bad advice, but you were asking about the berries? Generally - if they taste okay, they are edible. Poison berries tend to be so horrible that it would be impossible to ingest even one.

    stitching in Saskatoon