Christmas larder and Kris Henderson

We have been shopping for non perishables for Christmas dinner. It is a madhouse out there but we did it. I now have everything except for the fresh stuff and the turkey so I begin to feel relaxed. I still have almost 50 little twisty tin icicles to put onto the wee tree, They are so fiddly- and SO pretty. I shall persevere.

I finished my Green Inchies for next Monday and have made a start on my Yellow ones. I wish I had the time and the knowhow to take over from Kris Henderson on Every Inchie Monday. Fortunately for Kris, she is leaving to care for a new baby granddaughter! Congratulations, Kris! However, that leaves the rest of us with nowhere to play :-( If anyone out there could run the website, DO step up to the plate! We would all be grateful. Here is a little preview.

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