Monday, 26 December 2011

Post dated post

A very kind EIM friend taught me how to post date a post so this is an experimental kick at that can. These are my yellow inchies. Christmas promises to be very busy as does the week following and I wanted to have these done . Hope you like them!


  1. I like number 4. It looks a bit like a bale of corn/hay with the sun behind it. Nice.

  2. A plethora of Yellow inchies. Wonderful.
    Glad the post dating worked.

  3. Hi, Carolynn. I've enjoyed looking over your very creative blog. Your work is lovely and your Christmas cards are to die for! I look forward to following your future projects. And a happy New Year!
    best, nadia

  4. Your inchies can not be beaten .... so good. I love all six of them. What a super idea to make more than one..... and post dating ... isn't that practical!