Winter us here officially though you would never guess to look out the window. As I type, I am looking at the little watercolour painting my daughter did of the inside of Maes Howe In Orkney. We visited there together a few years ago now and LOVED it ! It was SUCH a spiritual place. Maes Howe is a huge tomb there where the midwinter sun shines along a long tunnel and onto the opposite wall. Standing inside that eerie tomb made so long ago from huge flat slabs of Limestone, our minds were boggled thinking of the engineering required to move those mammoth pieces of stone to construct this fabulous monument. When the guide turned the lights off inside the tomb, we easily imagined ritual ceremonies thaking place marking this longest night,the darkest part of the year where, because it is so far north, the winter days are short already. It must have been a terrifying place in those days. We are so lucky to be able to switch on lights and to bring cheer into our homes and lives. Hope the light shines in your homes and lives. Happy Christmas! If I can find a picture, I will add it but I did not have a camera of my own in those days , so.....

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