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As Promised

Here is the Plane Tree Bark- not trimmed, not mounted, but done--- I THINK ! In " real life" , it is better because you can really see the peely layers.This little piece is mainly layers of Dupioni silk, heavily machine stitched with painted Evolon, organza and the odd bit of commercial cotton batik. now it needs finishing !

 ...the first dye experiments. Above, what I was aiming for.

To the left, serendipitous rosy magenta as a result of not a tight enough scrunch and too much magenta dye- but OK.

And here- more of what I was aiming for. All in all, for the first dyeing I have done in YEARS, quite pleasing and usable for sure. Now, for the greens- but maybe not till I get the tree up and decorated and some honest to goodness housework done. Might even bake a cookie? Stay tuned :-)

Note re: Procion MX dyes- I LOVE the fact that this stuff is more granular than it used to be. It does not seem to fly everywhere as it once did- mainly straight up my nose! I did wear a mask though  which I never used to : -(


  1. Love the bark creation....well done.

  2. Loved seeing your post over at The Needle and Thread Network - and adore this piece!!

    I'm so busy trying to keep up with my committments (two more big pieces due in October and given how long it takes me to make one that's a tight deadline!) that I almost never check in on other people's blogs. I'm sorry I've missed you! I'll rectify that in the future.