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2011 Christmas tree. I love the Christmas tree. We have zillions of tiny little decorations which we have collected from all over the place. This is not a very good photo and it is so hard to get a good shot. I  think you get the idea anyway . It takes me two full days to decorate it but I love doing it.

And here is the mantle in the diningroom . These guys
are from everywhere too.Some I have made, some I have painted but most, I have found in various places from Scotland to Germany. Mum's old Santa and Mrs Santa salt and pepper shakers are up there too.

Then , there are the zany dolls I have made. I WISH I could say they were my own designs, but they are patterns- Frowning Francis and Arley Berryhill.

 The colour on this bird is not right . She is quite blue and I am calling her the Bluebird of Silliness. She is a Steampunk beauty :-) She has a fishy friend but I did not get a good photo of it tonight so he will have to wait till later to be immortalized.
This one, an Arley Berryhill pattern , is called Harold, the Angel- as in Hark, the HerAld angels sing! Not sure why Arley spelled it with an 'O' . I guess he is just a bit perverse. Anyway, she is very sweet and serene and elegant , all dressed in gold beads and Dupioni silk!


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