Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New Post, new day, old process.....

I did it today!! Photo to follow . I dyed this afternoon in our cellar. I bought some Procion MX dyes and finally got round to trying them out. I made a piece of cotton lawn fabric dyed with magenta and turquoise dyes using the Low Water Immersion technique. The dyes are familiar to me as once upon a time , in another incarnation, I did a LOT of batik dyeing and I used Procion dyes then . The LWI technique is new to me though. It seems kind of tie dye- ish and I like parts of what I did . Parts are too monochromatic though- too rosy with too little turquoise effect. It is nice but I wanted the two colours to show. I know what to do now so next time .....

I still need to post a picture of the nearing finished Plane Tree Bark piece. Pleasant colours. interesting textures. I will perhaps add a light layer of Lumiere paint texture on the top layer just to break up the flatness of that surface.

I have begun working on my Green Inchies. SO much to look forward to : )

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