Christmas cards for everyone

thw wrinkles are Tyvek

love the Fashion statement - just an accident!

metallic yarn

more Tyvek and metallic yarn

looks like a little moon! there was a half moon shaped cutout under it !

veggie bag for texture here!

felt bits with hot foil

These  are for my family tomorrow but I wanted to share them with you before that as a little extra wish for a lovely Christmas or Hannukah or whatever you choose to celebrate . Love and Joy and Peace come to you and yours.

I hope you have a lovely family day together with those you care about. We have no snow but that does not matter. We are all together and that is what counts. We will miss our Daughter and her family but will be together with her right after Christmas. I cannot WAIT to see them ! Happy Christmas all!

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  1. Your cards are simply lovely. I am so glad you have record of them before gifting. Happy Holidays and thank you for sharing.