Should be Monday!

This is a perfect example of why it is some unwise to try drawing on a slippery surface. He was great until I realised that he needed outlining and then ..... So , here is one very green, but very messy little froggy with gold spots and a sloppy little gold crown. My bet is that he is a Prindsome Hance in disguise! 

 These ones were just a batch effort.This is jolly good fun but now I need the challenge of having to actually SAY something- and just in time for the end of EIM :-(

Maybe what I will do is copy the list from this year and just start through it . I only started with the Amusement one a few weeks ago so it would be good practice for me. 

I have all sorts of these little buttons. I dyed these ones green-er, but I would have liked them even more distinctly green. Maybe a touch of paint? We
shall see.

Can you tell that I like sparkles? I am part Magpie, I think- always have been ! I have a prodigious collection of beads and sequins and neat crazy little buttons.

 Not sure what is happening here tonight. I am not getting these pictures moved when and where I want them. I did not want the last one way down there. Maybe I can move it. This is what comes of doing Monday things on Sunday!

 Hah Hah! I DID it ! Now, that's better. I have a couple of yellow ones done too but want to try some different ones . Enjoy EIM - on Sunday PM or Monday AM!


  1. Love the shower of green inchies! Very artful you are :)
    Thank you so much for helping with the Every Inchie Monday project. You are a very sweet lady.

  2. Ha! maybe you should have done all your inchies on Sunday if it makes you this prodigious and prolific. Green is such a nice colour.

  3. Hi, you produced quite a lot of those green ones. I also thought of a frog at first, but then grass is easier with a sewing machine.
    Hfave a nice happy Christmas and healthy New Year.
    By the way your frog is soooooooooooooo good.

  4. You made so many green inchies. They are all beautiful. They look even better on the brown/red background.