Home again

Photos to follow once I have edited them but we are home again after a whirlwind trip to Tennessee to visit our daughter. The visit was brief but wonderful . The driving ??? Well, going south, it was horrendous- rain and slush and snow ALL THE WAY! The traffic was fast and heavy. Our return trip was generally much better although once we reached Erie PA, the weather changed from lovely to ugly again and I cannot describe the traffic ! I have never seen so much speeding and terrible driving - ever! The NY Thruway was disastrous . We were surrounded by huge eighteen wheelers and pickup trucks , all slopping horrid slush all over us . Wipers in use constantly. My poor husband deserves a medal . In the end, apart from a couple of brushes with near disaster, we are home safely and thankful to be. I suspect that there were a number of drivers operating " under the influence" . I am afraid I have NO patience for that. Anyway, here we are and happy to be so. Our return journey will be in a couple of weeks once the car has been e-tested. Guess I neglected to mention that. We exchanged cars temporarily so we could have our daughter's car tested for her as she is unable to do it herself.

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