Remember THIS WIP?

I started this piece quite a while ago and sort of got distracted and kind of  fed up with it- but I rarely quit! I will never say never- but rarely. SO... here it is again! I have dismembered it, lopping the left edge of it off and I have been quilting- and quilting------------and QUILTING the right hand square today. I am on a tea break at the moment . We are housebound today, awaiting a call from Ma Bell . Our phone died last night during the storm and we think it is because moisture got into the connection outside because it is fine today. Anyway, here we sit- me quilting, DH practising his piano.
Here's what I have done to this!
I have removed the left edge and will use it for something else- more later. Unfortunately, you cannot see the quilting very well but I will post pics of that later on. I am only on a break. I need to get to work again soon.
Here's what got chopped!
I am teaching a multi media class in a couple of weeks and think I will use this strip as my base for embellishing. I'll square it up and get it quilted before that and then I can play and demonstrate different techniques and materials. You see! Never say die is my motto- well, ONE of my mottoes! 


  1. You've been busy. It's always nice to leave a project if one doesn't think something isn't right. Inspiration comes with time. It's nice too that you can use the part you cut off.

  2. Everything looks nice, also the chopped piece. But the big one is very artful. Your home scene could be ours, haha. It is great that you are giving classes.