Working in miniature- for the moment!

I am fooling around with my freshly dyed fabrics and HAD to do this little piece - because the fabric cried out to be used here! This , for the gardeners among us, is Honesty, the seedpods thereof ( Lunaria, for the REAL gardeners!) I took the photos last summer in our back garden. I LOVE it, in all its stages. This backlit stem was gorgeous - so here it is , beginning to be translated into a wee quilt, just 12"x12"!
And here is the photo I am working from. I liked the pink , out of focus rose but decided not to mess with the lovely greens.
I trimmed the photo so I can see more accurately, what the piece will look like finished.
A little fuzzy because I am a wiggly photographer and a lazy one too. I did not use a tripod!
When I finish this little one, I have another ready too which I also intend to do as a 12"x12". It is honeysuckle berries on a bush that lives on our property line . They always remind me of little red glass beads. Love 'em!
Isn't that pretty! I love the Chiaroscura effect . I THINK that was because I used a flash on a darkish day. Whatever, it works for me .

Stay tuned folks. I am keeping out of trouble :-) Good thing too! I may be the person who inspired that saying about the Devil making work for idle hands (tee hee hee )


  1. This is going to be lovely. Great choice of fabric and colours showing up the seedpods perfectly.

  2. Wonderful! As that plant wasn't familiar to me (I live in Zone 3 up here in Central Alberta), I had to look it up. Likely would never get it to grow up here, but gosh, it is pretty -- and I love the fabric you selected for your background. I get so caught up in details; 'blurring' it like that is amazing, because believe it or not, our eyes compensate. Great little piece!

  3. My grandmother used to grow Honesty in her garden and we children loved it when the seed pods became transparent. I don't ever remember seeing them red before. Lovely colors for a quilt.

  4. I LOVE honesty and have quite a lot in my garden. I bring in the 'silver dollars' every autumn and make a dried 'flower' arrangement from them. Your quilt is perfect.

  5. I've seen Honesty called Money Plant... I guess because of the silver dollars in the fall. My grandma had some in her garden, but I've never seen it when it was green. You are showing the seed pods, what are the flowers like? I've never seen them either.