Quilted, Trimmed and Reoriented

You know how sometimes, you just get a better idea? Well, I MAY have a better idea! I finished quilting the Layers Project and when it got hung up before trimming and pressing, I hung it a different way. It is turned a quarter turn to the left- and I LIKE it that way! It is NO LONGER the piece I started with ( see Thursday's post) so I am feeling free to do whatever I want with it- and here it is, with some closeups of some of the heavy quilting I have done on it!
This is suddenly a different piece!
some background- lotsa little circles!

I really DO like the deep purple iris bud.

more background and petal edges
I went through a LOT of Bottom Line thread! I love it as a bobbin thread and I emptied a whole spool and started another on this project plus the little red berries!

It is cold and raw here today, but guess who could care less?
Bit fuzzy as I was kneeling down and it was Cccolddd! 

Silly little things- Bless them!
It will soon be spring. These little snowdrops and clumps more have been in bloom in our garden for several weeks now.

A little Post Script- as I have been torturing my lovely sewing machine a LOT lately, cleaning and oiling it as best I can, I decided it needed a holiday at the sewing machine spa - so I took it to my dealer and her Tech Wizard for a good cleaning and whatever he thinks would be a treat for it. I am machineless until Tuesday at the earliest!!! I am already suffering withdrawal! On another occasion like this, I did a whole little quilt using my serger and hand sewing because I am NOT good at "nothing to play with". The Devil and idle hands is ringing in my ears. My hands will not be idle though as I have some dyeing and pattern making planned- but.... so the Devil will have to pester someone else :-)


  1. oh, dear. I don't want him pestering me! The 'puter is back from the spa and I have no time to be sending the sewing machine in!

  2. Snowdrops?! We should be so lucky! Out here we're under a Winter Storm Watch... synchronize your watches for 1 a.m., March 3! Seriously, though, I love the re-orientation. Artistic license at its finest, and beautifully quilted. :-)

  3. Looks great, Mom! I agree -- I like the new orientation. Oh, and I LOVE the bazillions of little circles in the background. You are a patient, patient woman! By the way, I can't wait to see what you do with that extra little bit that you chopped off. I think it will be a neat little piece all on its own.

    I don't have any snowdrops planted in our garden, but my crocuses are up! Looks like my daffodils are going to pop any day (although it's been chilly and snowing for a couple of days, so they may not be too anxious to bloom yet).

  4. I like all your quilting. And I know how it feels without machine. I had mine beeing looked through - there was a little damage for a relatively fat sum of money. Bernina.

  5. It's good to allow each piece have it's say!
    You brave soul existing without your machine!

  6. Impressive quilting, and how brave you are to chop off a piece. Hope your sewing machine is back soon - how come you have no spare? Really envious of your snowdrops, we still have 3+ feet of snow on the ground ......