A gorgeous Canadian winter day

We have not had a storm like this for five years- or so "they" say. When we went to bed last night , after midnight, there was not a flake on the ground. I was up around 3AM and there was about 1/2 an inch. This morning... a good foot! It is cold. The snow is dry and fell hard in tiny flakes so it is REAL snow. LOVE IT! It has now started to blow so DH may have to be out again .
Cannot get this one to go to a sensible spot. Grrr! Why does that happen?? Anyway, DH blowing the snow out of our driveway.

DH in his snowblowing suit.
Way out of order but the BACK of DH.
If you look carefully, you can see the partial depth of snow at the end of the driveway. 
Early this morning, DH out feeding "his " birds. He fed the squirrels too and swept the deck between feedings. At that time, it was falling at about an inch an hour.

The Plough pushed a huge  roll of snow across the driveways - three feet high, five feet wide. GREAT fun blowing THAT out!

OK, has anyone else had this trouble with Blogger? I cannot return to regular text after captioning a photo and I cannot select my pics in proper order.


  1. WOW!!! You guys got quite a storm up there! I had heard warnings on the news, but didn't know how hard it had hit you. We had some rain this morning...and then the sun came out and I drove home from the grocery store with the windows rolled down. What a difference 8-or-so degrees of latitude make! Tell Dad to be careful of his back, please. Wish I was there to help dig you out -- I'd bring my DH and put him to good, honest, Canadian work! Thanks for sharing the pics, so I can experience winter vicariously. : )

  2. You really did get a dump, eh? In photos on Facebook from family in Buffalo and Maine the snow didn't look nearly that deep. Wind, of course, always makes a difference!

    With the 'caption' thing, I've had that happen sometimes. I've either removed the caption and started over, or gone into the html code and altered it directly. Frustrating, though, isn't it? Stay warm!

  3. Here I am, at your newest post - just arrived from France. There it was snowing overnight - but roads were clear of snow. We heard about the crazy snowfall at TV. I found out the same problems as you with blogger. I just leave it as it is. It is crazy - but I always think it is me who doesn't know better. Your snow photos are sensational!

  4. Living in the UK now, I miss the winter wonderland ... but not the shovelling! When we get a
    title snow here, everything grinds to a halt, but it certainly gives people a lot more "weather" to talk about...