Liebster Award

What a pleasant surprise I got this Saturday evening when Margaret Blank nominated me for a Liebster Award. I am flattered too but have to agree with Susan Being Snippy- LOTSA work to put that little sticker on my blog. However, I shall endeavour to live up to the honour and follow the rules.

First, I have to post eleven random things about myself-HMMM!

1- I have a passion for creating
2- I am married to a wonderful husband with whom I have shared 46 happy years
3- I have an absolutely spectacular daughter who is working very hard to finish a PhD dissertation
4- I LOVE gardening
5- I LOVE to cook
6- I LOVE to eat what I cook
7- I frequently have to "pay" dearly for numbers 5 and 6 as I am diabetic and weight gain is strongly frowned upon
8- I LOVE to travel, particularly to Britain
9- I am my family's genealogist ( DH and I both are for our respective families)
10- I have very big feet
11-I cannot figure why this list is suddenly offset!

OK, moving right along...

Now I am expected to answer a series of questions-

1-If I could live somewhere else, where would I live?
Well, Tennessee- because my daughter is there or Britain in any one of a number of locations because that is my roots.

2-What is my favourite memory?
The night- or more correctly, the early morning of 25 October, 1977 would be a good bet for both DH and me. That is the day our daughter showed up in the world!

3-What do I collect?
Blue and white china, hellebores, hostas, fabrics.

4-Which musician did I discover last year?
I am not that into discovering musicians.

5-Is there something I would do differently? What? Why?
That is pretty personal and I am reluctant to get into that sort of thing in a public forum. Sorry!

6-Who is my favourite author?
Hmmm? I like JK Rowling, JRR Tolkein, Evelyn Waugh...

7-Which country do I want to visit again?
Well, I would return to Scotland and England in a heartbeat and know I WILL do that but I would LOVE to return to France again some time.

8-What is my weakness?
Um, maple syrup, maple sugar, Canadian Maple Timmy's - get the picture? Oh, and did I mention that I am diabetic??

9-What do I detest ?
Wasting time - especially MY time, lack of a sense of humour, untying knots.

10-What is my favourite art tool?
I agree with Margaret- my hands! I do love a good sketchbook and a nice fine black permanent pen though too. I also love my digital camera.

11-What is my favourite pet?
Cats and a favourite but I love all of our wild "pets" too- squirrels, chipmunks and all of our various birds.

Now then, 11 blogs I enjoy with fewer than 200 followers.


There are a number of other lovely blogs I follow but they have too many followers!

There we go! Now I have to try to figure out how to catch the Liebster badge. Thanks, Margaret. I appreciate it.


  1. Oh my dear Carolynn, indeed - it is quite a job - to receive such an honor. But congratulations! You deserve the honour for your beautiful blog. But do put Germany on your point 7. I love your statement no. 2. And about the random things: No. 10 is just wonderful and makes me laugh. Such an award is very revealing, ha ha.

  2. Now Carolyn, you've put me in your list but as you know what a job it is to do *once*, I can assure you -- though thankful -- I'm not doing it twice! LOL! Instead I will say I enjoyed learning about you and will visit the sites you've highlighted, ones I don't already know about.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Congratulations to my fantastically talented Mom! I'm so proud of your creativity and your technological savvy!