Finished !!!

I have finally finished these two little pieces I have been working on and I chose the red berries one to send off to the SAQA Fundraising Auction. It was fun working so small and I may actually do a few more little ones now. A while ago, I did a series of one inch crops from photos and made a sort of photo mosaic of them. Maybe a collection of a few 12 "square quilts would be fun??
"Chiaroscuro", Fused Applique Quilt, 12"x12"

"Lunaria Seed Pods", Fused Applique Quilt , 12"x12"
Now I am looking at some other square photos I have done with the idea of making some other little 12" square pieces of work .
Pansy centre

Red Trillium

Enoki Mushrooms

Peony Centre

Poppy Centre

Yelow Tulip Centre
Lots of food for creativity here. Wouldn't they be pretty as a set of small squares! Do NOT hold your breath, but I Think I will start some time soon.

Meantime, some more dyeing coming up. Thanks for dropping in.


  1. they will make a stunning grouping of mini quilts! I look forward to watching them take life, as long as it might take!

  2. Lovely idea. Small squares can be very inspiring. I look forward to seeing your new series.

  3. In my experience, pictures rarely do a quilt total justice. These pictures just radiate lusciousness. I cannot even imagine how nice these quilts are in real life. Have you ever had a showing in an art gallery. Your work is worthy.

  4. You should consider a showing for this next series you're planning. (pressed send a bit quick)

  5. Photography is a worthy art, too! Love your flower centers - very Georgia O'Keefe.

  6. Carolynn, these are the best photos I ever saw in a blog. Absolutely beautiful. You are a good photographer and the camera is good as well, I think. The two little beautiful quilts will raise a good fund - small things sell better than large ones.

  7. Both of your little pieces are beautiful:) I love your pictures too...makes me think of warmer weather.