I have been nearly living at the Apple store here in town , trying to learn how to work my new computer. What a jolly good time I am having. This week, it has been iPhoto week- a class Monday, one tomorrow (Wednesday) and the last, I hope , on Friday. I have also been dumping photos from old hard drives and editing them and saving them out to a Mac formatted drive so that eventually, they can all go back onto OTHER Mac formatted Hard Drives. I have been having FUNN!

Today, I was editing and discarding pictures I took a long time ago, trying to whittle them down to a manageable number and I came across these. I took them last summer . This is a flat disc of blue glass in the form of a little vase. I think maybe there were violets or Lily of the Valley in it and the light pouring through the glass, distorted by it made gorgeous patterns. Thought I'd share them with you. No reason except I love the colour and the shapes.

Enjoy- and don't forget to look at things close up!


  1. and gorgeous they are. Very artsy!

  2. They are pretty good. They'd make good art canvasses if you had them printed. The room you hang them in would have to be the right colour though!