All set to quilt :-)

Well, I am FINALLY ready to quilt this piece. I have commandeered the dining room table as my normal little cubby hole is too cramped for a bigger job like this.The quilt is layered, pinned and ready to go. I am still hoping to find some better colours of thread to use on it but what I have will get me started.
Here is the quilt all layered and pinned ready to go

And now, it is closer to the machine so I am ready to launch
Here is my little empire all nicely established in full view of the street. Mind you, the window badly needs cleaning so maybe no one will be able to see in! Gotta clean that before Christmas!

I will start tomorrow but before I can sew, I have another class at the Apple Store. I have had two sessions already this week on iPhoto and tomorrow is the last one of the series. Then, I will have a basis for deciding what I want to pursue in more depth. iPhoto is a nice little organization App. I use Photoshop for good editing but iPhoto helps me keep everything in order- well, MY sort of order:-)

Tomorrow's class is about using photos to create books, calendars, cards, slide shows etc. I am interested in the books particularly. My darling kids made a beautiful picture book for us several years ago of photos they took on a very cold, very snowy winter visit to us before they were married. Both of them are excellent photographers and the little book is a true treasure. I hope mine turns out as well.

I had meant to post this on WIP Wednesday but missed the time slot today. Too many irons in the fire! I guess it is getting to be time to knuckle down and do some work toward Christmas. Hmmm! That means stopping sewing, drawing, quilting... Well, a change will be as good as a rest- or so "They" say. BTW, I had my newest bed quilt quilted professionally - first ever that I have not done myself. It looks fabulous but I could not get the binding fabric here so have had to order it online from the US. As a result, it will not likely get finished by Christmas . Ah, well, it will be nice for the New Year!

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  1. Whoa! That is big. You have a great set up. Interestingly enough, I just now finished all my TN&TN visits and here you are, right on time as far as I'm concerned! lol