Bit of snow at last

Well, at long last, we FINALLY got a bit f snow. This post is especially for Monika K-W. Just to show you that we DO still get a bit of snow here on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario. This week's WIP- for DH , at least, will be to clear the driveway so we can get out into the world.
Three minutes after I took this little picture out our front door- with the snow freezing my slippered toes- the plow came by and plowed a lovely fat roll of icy snow and stray gravel onto our driveway! At least our road was paved last summer so the amount of gravel will be minimal. Poor DH!!

The best thing about the snow is that we have many cardinals- both male and female, finches of all sorts, , sparrows (naturally) and- of course- the SQUIRRELS- black, grey and red.They are a ravenous horde at the back door feeders. Soon the deck will be patterned with all kinds of little prints from different hungry hordes. At the moment, it is still pristine- gorgeous!

So, yes, Monika- we DO get snow. This fell in a very few hours and it started out on a bright green canvas of bare grass so not bad for one short storm. Enjoy the weather and be careful shovelling! Too cold to make snowmen :-( Maybe next time !

I am posting this to   I have just checked the site and there are no posts for this week. We shall see when this does finally get posted. Meanwhile , hope the regular bloggers enjoy it !



  1. Hi Carolynn, these are truely very wintery photos. A bit late for white Christmas.
    Pouring rain in south Germany.

  2. I really hate snow. It looks pretty but I become almost a recluse when it arrives because I'm terrified of walking or driving on it! I guess we'll get it before long though. :(

  3. Welcome you to the Snow Club, a group of people living in the northern hemisphere suffering from crippling cabin fever who seem slightly insane to outsiders when spring finally hits and we all go nuts like the season will never come again.

  4. If ever you need snow, I'd be happy to supply some - or a lot. ;-)