View Web Version ?????

Has anyone else found a problem viewing blogs this morning? At first, I thought there was something wrong with my iPad so I checked on DH's- same thing! The page comes up with only my newest pictures on little strips with the captions underneath and no regular text. On my computer, it comes up normally. At the bottom of the page of strips, there is a little bit that says View Web Version. I clicked on that and , voila! - up came my blog in normal format. I tried to write a new posting on the iPad this morning and got a message that said I could not do it and it gave me an error code

Has anyone else had this experience today? Any ideas??


  1. Me too! I've been googling all night trying to fix far no luck.

  2. I too have been trying to find a way out of the mobile version. If you figure it out please let me know.

  3. My blogger blog is doing the same thing....grrr....