One step forward, one step back!

The step forward is that I have actually started quilting the Layers project! Yay, me!

Starting at the centre on the base of an iris petal

Two petal bases now
As you see , it is not a LOT but it IS a start! Again, yay me! I have finally got a comfortable setup in the new space in the dining room so expect great progress now.

The step backwards is this. Those of you who have been here with me for a while will know how much I HATE that "Prove you're not a robot" thing and may recall my posting a little badge with that sentiment expressed clearly. Today, you will note that I have removed that thing! The reason, I am inundated by spam from ANONYMOUS! Anyone else hear from him/her/them??? The message is always gibberish but the return addresses smack of smut and WE ARE NOT AMUSED! I have not replied to any of them, naturally but now I wish I had the prove you're not a robot thing in place again. Anybody have any idea how to turn it back on? If you have, do tell  please because I am ready to succumb and ask you to use it. Why is it always the good folks like yourselves who have to suffer for the sake of eejits??? For those few of you who do legitimately use Anonymous as a sign in, please do not worry about signing in with your own name - even just a first name because I am just zapping Anon's "posts" without even paying attention to them any more. If I see the name "Anonymous", it is into the Spam folder , toot sweet!! :-)


  1. I was getting some spam. What I did was go to the settings on my blog and click on settings, then posts and comments. I unclicked anyone and went to registered users. I don't know if this eliminated anybody 'important' but I don't get the spam. Most of my spam was not smutty but the telemarketer type which blogger wasn't showing on my blog but was sending to my alternate inbox which is where I view blog comments. Interestingly I have found that a few commenters who use older or different sytems never get passed on to me so I am having to check on the blog once a day. Technology, ain't it wonderful!!!

  2. I guess I'm lucky that I've never had much spam on Blogger. And I do hate the word verification thing. If you can bear to continue without it I'd be grateful!

  3. Yay on your step forward - the quilt is looking great. Like Elle, I don't allow anonymous comments at all. Yes, it means that some folks can't leave me comments, but it also means no spam for me, and no word verification, which I hate. Good luck!

  4. Yep. Every time I try to make it easier for some of my friends to comment on my blog, I get oodles of spam -- sometimes advertising but generally total gibberish. I now simply click the box to select all of it and *delete*. This lets me be kind to my friends and commenters, and there's a perverse delight in hitting that 'delete' button! Mwa-ha-ha!

    As for your piece, it's looking lovely! Well done thus far!