New ideas

As I have been going through photos stored on my external Hard Drives, I have come across some dandies! I found this stunning red Iris that I took at the Royal Botanical Gardens one evening several years ago. I played around with the original picture in Photoshop and came up with a few crops that have now gone into my For Quilting file! It is a VERY full file! I think it could be fabulous- maybe not too huge , say 24 inches - 30 inches square ? Could be very Georgia O'Keefe! Watch out when the Layered one is finished- or nearing finished :-)

The original photo judiciously cropped to get rid of extra background

"Closer to" as my Gran used to say

I like this one a  LOT!
Like I said, keep watching this space. I need to replenish my stores of hand dyes. Reds and purples and yellows would be nice!
Here is Layers so far. Those of you who are trained to observe ( :-) ) will see that some chunks have been removed and replaced and some have been added to. More to do!


  1. Love your iris and that current project looks really interesting.

  2. That Iris is fabulous. Your layered work is looking wonderful:)

  3. Oh wow! Georgia would be impressed! :-)

  4. That is incredible! The colours in that flower are so amazingly vibrant. What a fabulous quilt inspiration!


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  6. That closely cropped photo of the iris makes me look at flowers a whole new way!