Betcha thought I'd NEVER make it!

Here it is, 8:23 PM on New Year's Eve and I am FINALLY posting some pretty poor excuses for Inchies that I have missed over the past SIX weeks! I will not bore you with all of the reasons but to say- been really busy! Nuff said. I hope you ALL have a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year whoever and wherever you all are. It has been such a great pleasure getting to know some of you online. I truly value our friendship.

No more nattering- here they are ---



More night- they are long nights at this time of the year!

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?


And , to all - a GOOD NIGHT!

I intend to post this to   I am awed at the fabulous things everyone has done and urge you all to continue next year.


  1. OOOH! What a beautiful rainbow! So shall we see you this new tear? We missed you.

  2. Whoops, that's supposed to be 'year'

  3. What great inchies. Well worth waiting for. Happy new year from one of the other 'lovers and dreamers'.

  4. Great to have you back. I love your inchies. I am also very happy to know you even if it's virtual.
    Happy New Year.

  5. Great Inchies, I love the music one!

  6. I love all you inchies, RT, but especially the angel and the rainbow -- beautiful. It would be wonderful if you could post your inchies on Flickr as well - it is awesome to see everyones' contributions all in a row: