Well, I may have cracked it! I told you I made a new screen shot after finding the original format of my blog . Well, here are the details! Go to the bottom of the strippy  page and find the spot where it says see WEB VIEW. Click on that. Then, the original view comes up. Make a screen shot of THAT and your problems are over . I still cannot seem to make a post on the iPad. Never mind, that's what computers are for- right? SO, if anyone figures out how to POST on this newfangled system, please let me be one of the first to know. Thanks again. Whine over :-)


  1. Well I knew about that! :) But my problem was that it didn't stay at that preference. I would click web view and then go on to do something else and come back to check a blog again and it would be back to mobile view. I hate when they change stuff. :)

  2. Hi, Carolynn, I make posts on the iPad - but you know what? I make just a draft and complete it on the netbook. I don't manage to put text in after the photos. I think you need an App named Blogger+. I can't say anything more - it is my son who doesn't understand anything about blogging but he managed to install this yellow icon whose name is Blogger+.
    It is practical for photos from the iPad.