Curiouser and curiouser!

I have an iPad and a brand new MacBook Pro. Yesterday, I was whining about my blog coming out on the iPad looking blah and strippy . In my frustration, I tried making a new Home Screen Shot on the iPad . This AM, I opened the blog on the old screen shot- same problem. BUT when I tried the new one- it is in the original format! Wonder what that's all about? I still cannot seem to make a new post on the iPad . I never could get pictures attached when I posted on the iPad but I COULD make a text post. I am very new to the MacBook, having recently joined the Mac fold from PC so I am NOT any sort of expert. Are YOU still getting the new format of my blog? I actually cannot imagine why you would NOT be , but I hope you are not. At least on my iPad , my blog opens for ME now in the old style. Let me know please. Thanks.

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