Window Inchies

I have had a very busy week this past week so this is not a stellar production. Here are my window Inchies.
Traditional window , we all have these!

I know what they look like but I am GLAD I do not have a porthole! Not a big boating fan, although I DO love my cedar strip canoe!
Some of my favourite windows are the glorious mediaeval stained glass ones in Canterbury Cathedral.   They were removed during the last war and hidden in Wales, I think, to keep them safe. Between Henry VIII, Cromwell and bombs in the world wars, we are VERY fortunate to have so many real stained glass windows remaining to inspire us.

I am posting this on  Check it out. Maybe others have been more productive and imaginative .


  1. Love your windows. When I saw the porthole I thought that it would be my favorite but I am not sure if I maybe prefer the Cathedral window.

  2. I have admired stain glass windows for many years, I have a book that is full of many dozens of english windows, on doors, pub signs and private residences, along with the picture of the actual window it also has a drawing of the window, which if you are knowledgeable and ambitious you could make your own copy... I leaf through the book now and then and pick and repick favourites. There are great ideas in there... and after having said all that, your WINDOWS are very lovely...

  3. Great window inchies! I had a porthole for a window when I was little - and I loved it. But it didn't look out over the looked out over a golf course - not so scary!

  4. I adore the porthole!
    Sorry I'm late commenting - we've been on holiday.