Making good progress

I had a busy night last night. I managed to start the fill-in process and finished it this morning- at least on the main piece. I dyed some really nice antique mustardy greeny gold pieces yesterday- and they were too blah! Great colours but they may get overdyed to spice them up! In the end, I used pieces from my hand dyed stash to better effect- or I think so anyway. Here are a few pictures of the process to date. I have lots of touchup I want to do once the main piece is completed. There need to be some shadows and highlights to lift and separate the leaves from each other. Sounds like that old bra ad from years ago! " Suddenly, you're shaplier!" Way to go ;-)
Sorry about the mess! I was working on my acrylic painting sheet on top of the light box so all of my housekeeping sins are obvious :-(

Front side of the previous picture. The long stringy bit on the lower right is another piece that I may add later.

And here is the partly filled main piece on my black display board. What am I going to do for a background? The black is dramatic for sure, but so predictable! Hmmm!!

And, finally, the whole piece filled and ready for the details and the extra little bits to be added. Still no idea what to use for background.


  1. Exciting! It is looking dramatic on black. Im looking forward to seeing the continuation of the story!

  2. Wow, that's really intricate.

  3. You have GLOW happening there!

  4. What 'elle' said...the piece positively glows on my monitor -- electric green and red coleus-like patterning...whoa!