Tourist Inchies

LOVE travelling! We are just home from three weeks in Britain - England and Scotland, chasing up family. It was pretty cold and quite rainy but we did have a grand time . We spent a LOT of time visiting, enjoying endless pots of tea and delicious scones, cakes and other treats. So much for my waistline- but it was SO VERY worth every pound to see the places our ancestors came from and to meet descendants of our families.

There are so many places to see and we travel for so many different reasons. I enjoy the people, the history and the landscape . Those are the basis for so much of what I do. Travel recharges my artistic battery!

Some of you may recognize the background of these Inchies as the Cumbria map from Bartholomew's Road Atlas of Britain. Ours is WELL used and I understand it is no longer being printed. We treasure ours! Go out and take a trip if you can, even locally. It will do you good!

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  1. Oh that looks like a whole load of tourist brochures. When are we starting the journey?

  2. wow, cool....ggggg. greetings from manu

  3. Great inchies. I don't travel much but I when I do, I try to see as much as I can. There is so much world out there.

  4. Some great touristy inchies1 I didn't realize you are in my neck of the woods. Next time you have family over from Britain, take them on the Hippo Bus - they'll love it! We have SO much to see here - I am looking forward to relatives coming next year so that I get to tour the city with them too!