Black Inchies

I thought this would be a Black and White exercise.
When I looked at the list of subjects ages ago, my little pea-sized brain started to whirl about and I made a list of every black thing I could think of. Then, a couple of days ago, I started making my silly Inchies (BTW, my good husband says we Inchie People should get out more! How much fun is HE?) Here is what I made. Enjoy? Maybe :-)
But I made myself Black and Blue with this subject

The dreaded Black Hand!!!

And We have all been Blackballed

Anyone have a Blackberry? Not me. I have an iPad!

It IS a jungle out there- a Blackboard Jungle?
All this heat and we may end up with one of these from overuse of electricity!

Sad thing, a Black Eye!
Now THIS made me laugh when I thought of it so I made ONE inchie to go TWO ways- Blackjack , and ...

Jack Black!
And at last, this post Fades to........
BTW, don't forget to link to and see everyone else's brainstorms.


  1. Thanks for the smile this morning. Fun inchies.

  2. Oh those are great! I love the way you've interpreted them all. The black eye looks very painful, and the blackboard is very clever.

    You tell your silly husband that we DO get out - that's why we only have time to do small art! :)

  3. Ha, ha, LOL., I enjoy this one.

  4. If only i could come up with so many ideas for each theme! Well done!